Solaris Stable & Yoga Studio

Solaris Stable & Yoga Studio is a serene, unique retreat for human and horse.

The Stable is an all-inclusive facility that offers boarding, training, conditioning, horsemanship and riding lessons, yoga with horses, and Equine Facilitated Learning Programs. Solaris is located in Hume, VA, just an hour west of Washington, DC, and only 10 minutes from Route 66 via exit 27.

The Yoga Studio is also a client lounge and meditation space. Solaris offers Hatha and Buti Yoga, as well as private classes that are tailored to one’s needs and goals.

Solaris is a place for humans and horses to interact on a deep level. Find relaxation and rejuvenation here, and reconnect with nature. Strengthen your partnership with your horse and discover your intuitive power.

Wine Country Rides

NOW OFFERING Wine Country Rides to Philip Carter Winery!

Experience the best of Virginia’s Horse and Wine Country with a leisurely horseback ride to one of Virginia’s most historic wineries.

Email us at for more information and to book your ride!

About The Solaris Logo
Solaris means “of the sun,” which is light, and light equals enlightenment.
The infinity circle at the bottom represents that “the path isn’t a straight line; it’s a spiral. You continually come back to things you thought you understood and see deeper truths.
~Barry H. Gillespi