Horse Boarding

Field Boarding

  • Free choice hay
  • Customized Feeding Programs
  • 63 acres of turnout


  • Based on Natural & Heart-Centered Horsemanship
  • English and Western
  • Training for Recreational Riding & Fox Hunting
  • Liberty Work

Horsemanship & Riding Lessons

Lessons in English and Western for ages 12 and up. Focused on horsemanship, centered riding, and building respect-based relationships with the horses.

Equine Facilitated Learning

For couples looking to improve their communication, individuals looking to discover their potential within, youth and teens, families looking to connect, and individuals or groups looking to learn about leadership and communication. Equine Facilitated Learning can help you gain confidence, communicate clearly, and lead effectively. You may choose from the five types of EFL sessions listed below or design your own custom session!

Intuitive EFL: For individuals looking to find their purpose. Let the horses reveal your gift.

Heart-Centered EFL: For couples, families, or individuals looking for emotional healing.

Authentic Self EFL: For youth and teens. Let the horses guide you in finding self-awareness and empowerment.

Dog Tag EFL: For veterans, workaholics, or anyone who feels a need to slow down and be present. Let the horses guide you to relaxation and mindfulness.

Boss Mare EFL: For anyone wanting to hone and develop his or her leadership skills.